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Born in the heart of Devonport in 1998, Zigana Espresso has been putting satisfied smiles on thousands of customers’ faces for over 18 years.
Zigana Espresso is Nazar Hospitality Group’s personally owned and operated coffee brand.

Roasted in Glenfield, Auckland, Zigana supplies their coffee beans to almost all of Nazar Group’s venues, including the Mozaik Caffe franchise.

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About The Beans

Zigana’s coffee beans are sourced from Colombia, Ethiopia and Kenya. Months of trials went into creating our perfectly balanced bean profile, and the hard work paid off. Zigana offers a full bodied coffee blend with great depth and richness, including complimentary hints of chocolate and citrus.

Try it for yourself

If you’re looking to try our beans for yourself, just pop into any of Nazar Group’s cafe’s and restaurants for a cuppa!

Want to take our beans home? Pick up a freshly roasted bag from any of our Mozaik Caffe’s, Devon On The Wharf - Devonport or Bodrum Kitchen - LynnMall.
 0800 4 ZIGANA